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LG H&H Launched ‘MULE’ in Collaboration with Jung Saem-mool
▶ Developed the ‘MULE’ brand jointly with the makeup artist Jung Saem-mool, which made its home shopping debut in early October 2011.
▶ A “makeup mentoring” brand ideal for replicating any makeup trend through its seven codes.
▶ Consists of five original products derived from Jung’s extensive experience spanning over 24 years.

LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) Ltd. (CEO: Suk Cha) launched ‘MULE’ (Make Your Own Rule), a home-shopping cosmetics brand, in collaboration with the natural makeup specialist Jung Saem-mool, the creator of the “celebrity translucent makeup” trend in Korea.

MULE, which debuted on the CJ O Shopping channel in early October, is the epitome of Jung’s ingenious expertise accumulated throughout her career of 24 years. The star makeup artist had surprised many with her decision to take a four-year hiatus and study fine art abroad.

LG H&H, a relative newcomer in the home-shopping cosmetics market, plans to create a fad for MULE this fall by establishing the brand as a “makeup mentor” and promoting its natural makeup rules ‘Kod 7.’

Jung Saem-mool, the co-architect of MULE, recalled how the brand was born: “I worked for 20 years in the field as a ‘celebrity translucent makeup’ specialist. I had a thirst for fine art and artistic knowledge. While studying fine art, fashion, sculpture, photography, anatomy and theatrical makeup, I realized there are many common denominators between fine art and makeup and wanted to create cosmetics that are entirely different from the existing ones.”

She added: “I wished to establish basic makeup rules that can be applied, like a mathematical formula, to any makeup trend. LG H&H and I worked together on these rules for about a year and created a makeup mentoring brand MULE, which allows one to follow the rules with the greatest ease and precision.”

Based on Kod 7, the seven makeup rules encapsulating Jung’s knowhow, MULE provides basic principles by which anyone can easily and naturally express her unique beauty.

For example, the first Kod ‘Thin & Thick’ refers to a shading technique employed to add dimension to the face. As in basic painting theories, the rule calls for more and thicker makeup on protruding areas and thinner or no makeup on indenting parts.

The second Kod ‘Wet & Dry’ is a technique that renders makeup long-lasting by blending different textures. As can been seen in the fact that the mixture of water and flour is more cohesive than either water or flour, combining wet and dry textures improves consistency. Jung says that most long-lasting makeup methods are based on this principle.

MULE, which is founded upon Kod 7, consists of five products and the ‘Artist Base Brush Set.’ Originated from Jung’s extensive experience and expertise, each item can be easily applied to create a glamorous look.

The centerpiece of MULE is ‘Artist Natural Foundcealer,’ the first of its kind that doubles as foundation and concealer. It creates a natural look while perfectly masking blemishes and under-eye dark circles.

In particular, the product comes with a skin texture palette for adjustable application, along with a special skin texture puff. Thanks to its unique texture, the puff provides convenience comparable to using one’s own fingers to spread out the formula, and leaves a fade-resistant finish.

‘Finger Fixing Powder’ is equipped with a thumb-shaped puff, which snugly fits into facial contours. The product renders the skin to stay clear and flawless throughout the day.

‘ER Treatment Oil’ provides intensive care to dry parts with just one drop. Its funnel-shaped opening is designed to dispense a single drop, allowing adjustable application. This novel, quick-dry product can also be used after a makeup routine for an additional glow.

* Product Line-up (price to be determined in the future)

-ER Treatment Oil
-Ready To Base (SPF 45, PA+++)
-Artist Natural FoundcealerTM
-Finger Fixing Powder
-Long Lasting Designer Pact
-Artist Base Brush Set
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