Social Contribution

The protection of human rights

Human Rights Policy

LG H&H implements our own human rights policy to respect all stakeholders including employees, customers, and suppliers, and guarantees their rights and human dignity in pursuit of LG’s management philosophy, “Respecting Human Dignity. ”LG H&H complies with labor-relation-related regulations in all countries and regions, strives to secure employment stability and adequate wage level for employees in the social and economic aspects. As a corporate citizen, we support the principles of human rights specified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights presented by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

1. Prohibition of Discrimination

In the operation of our human resource system including employment, promotion, compensation, and training opportunities, and the provision of products and services, all stakeholders shall not be discriminated on the grounds of nationality, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, religion, membership of politicalorganization and/or labor union, and marital status.

2. Humanitarian Treatment

All employees shall be respected as humans, and they shall not be treated in any severe and inhumane way including sexual harassment and abuse, corporal punishment, mental and physical coercion, verbal abuse, and irrational restriction at work.

3. Prohibition of Forced Labor

All employees shall not be forced to work against their free will with their mental and/or physical freedom restricted by means of assault, threat, and confinement. All labor shall be based on free will, and all employees shall not be required to hand over their identification card, passport, and/or work permission card issued by the government on condition of employment.

4. Women and Labor of Children

Children shall not be employed for any kind of job position. “Children” signifies those aged under a certain minimum age standard, and the minimum age for work is determined by the regulations of each country and region. Underage and/or pregnant employees are excluded from dangerous tasks. In accordance with ILO agreements ratified by each country, working conditions including age regulations shall be observed.

5. Working Hours

Working hours and days shall be determined in accordance with the regulations of each country and region concerning regular and overtime working hours and holidays.

6. Wage and Welfare

All employees shall be paid in accordance with the labor-related regulations of each country and region concerning minimum wage, overtime working hours, and legal welfare.

7. Freedom of Association

In accordance with the labor-related regulations of each country and region, the freedom of association and the right to bargain collectively shall be secured. All employees should be guaranteed an environment where they can communicate with the management with no fear for discrimination, retaliation, threat, and harassment.

8. Protection of Personal information

The personal information of all stakeholders shall be strictly protected, and it shall not be leaked or utilized for any other use without prior approval of the relevant stakeholder. The company shall deliver only true information, avoid any false information, and shall fulfill this promise.

Conducting the high-class
dignity program

From 2012, all LG H&H employees are required to take the high-class dignity program. The company presents the top class standard for behaviors to keep up with our growing reputation as a No. 1 corporation. the program is covered various issues related to the power harassment, balance between work and life, healthy culture of staff gathering, a corporate culture respecting female workers, fair evaluation and compensation, and clear separation between public and private matters. this education is provided for all employees.

Promoting the campaign for mutual respect and solicitude

Respect and consideration towards other people has actually become a serious social issue. We are running a campaign to remind people of our culture of mutual respect and solicitude, basic values that are easily forgotten at work. Starting with the theme of “A Word of Solicitude” in March 2015, the campaign promoted various themes related to staff gathering, excessive overtime work, corporate culture respecting female workers, factionalism, and clear separation between public and private matters, which can easily arouse empathy and can really be put into practice. We are planning to maximize the effect of the campaign by producing video clips.