Social Contribution

Social Contribution

LG H&H social contribution activities are aligned with our business philosophy of making customers' lives more healthy, beautiful and refreshing. Women, our main customers, and youths are the focus of our contribution activities.

Our social contribution activities are not a one-time donation, but are designed to enhance the overall impact of our programs through selection and concentration of target groups, efficacy study-based support and partnerships with expert institutions. To this end, we divide our activities into the four areas of health, education, welfare and local communities.

  • Vision

    Beautiful Dreaming

  • 지원대상

    Women, Children, Teenagers

  • Slogan

    Assist women, children and teenagers in realizing their beautiful dream while contributing to a sustainable society

  • 지원영역

    Borrowing Earth School
    - Eco-friendly habits Program
    Global Eco Leader
    - Environmental program for teenagers
    PERIOE Kids’ School
    - Dental care education for children
    OHUI Beautiful Face Campaign
    - Support for children with facial disfigurements in
    receiving plastic surgery
    Happy Smile Fund
    - Health check-ups and treatment for single moms
    Smile Together
    - Dental treatment for children from low-income families
    Food Bank
    - Donation of supplies
    Beautiful Store donations and volunteering
    - Donation of supplies and volunteering
    Local community
    HIMANGO Aid Program
    - Help local residents in Southern Sudan in Africa
    Self-reliance program
    for women of multi-cultural families
    Cultural Heritage Keeper Project
    by ‘The History of Whoo’ brand
    Environmental clean-ups and Volunteering

Borrowing Earth Camp

Borrowed Earth School, a representative social contribution activity of LG H&H, is a converged habit education program. It is the first of its kind in Korea, and helps people improve basic habits that they have never learned before, and think about dreams and future. To promote habit education for teenagers, we signed an MOU for invigorating the Test-free Semester System with the Ministry of Education and the Education Offices of each city and province, and have conducted the program in cooperation with Eco-mom Korea, an environmental NGO.
The participants share ideas about what kind of bad habits cause pollution and waste resources, and then learn good habits and examine themselves to discover their talents and dreams. This program differs from the general education in school since it is a form of creative converged education.

Program Design and Supervision by Experts

Based on the industry-academic cooperation with the team led by Myung-hee Kang, an educational technology professor at Ewha Womans University, we designed and revised the program for motivation strategies, habit training, and career mentoring. This program is now a creative habit education opportunity that keeps up with changes in the academic field. We also intended this program to help participants build a sense of achievement, self-esteem, and mature mindset for their future careers.

Employees’ Mentoring for Future Career

The employees of LG H&H participate in this program as lecturers, motivate students to learn green habits, and provide career mentoring in relation to their jobs, thereby creating a place for communication with teenagers and helping the participants plan their futures.

Details of Program

The program is comprised of nine subjects: face washing, beauty expert, tooth brushing, shampooing, dish washing, laundry, hand washing, recycling, and junior marketer. It provides creative and practical education to teenagers, serving as an opportunity for them to learn comprehensive insights into environment, science, habits, and the professional world.

Global Eco Leader

This is a new social contribution program aimed to bring about changes in home, school, and community by first changing the small habits of teenagers. It ultimately promotes the virtuous cycle of communication for mutual growth, thereby actively responding to global environmental issues.

The Global Eco Leader groups consists of 25 environment clubs from all over the country. Each club is given a mission and holds monthly meetings with environment teachers or college student mentors to make its own portfolio related to various types of habits and environment.

We also carried out activities to bring about changes through eco-friendly campaigns in schools and local communities. We will continue to support eco leaders who put in practice what they learn at home and school and think about sustainable growth within the scope of their lives.

OHUI Beautiful Face Campaign to Offer Plastic Surgery to Children Born with Facial Disfigurements

    This campaign was launched in 2007 in conjunction with Seoul National University Hospital to offer plastic surgery to children born with facial disfigurements.

PERIOE Kids’ School

PERIOE Kids School is one of LG H&H’s social contribution activities, designed to promote basic knowledge about oral health to not only children but also kindergarten teachers and parents. This program is operated four or five times a week, visiting about 200 kindergartens
and daycare centers each year. Since 2004, the program has been run for 2,407 times in total by 2016. For the past 13 years, 199,072 participants received a basic oral health education. Dental hygienists from LG H&H have visited various facilities for children across the country, provided dental hygiene education, and taught the correct ways of tooth brushing,
thus helping kids to learn good habits in their childhood.

‘Whoo’s Mecenat Initiative to Expand Our Influence on Local Communities

Our ‘Whoo Mecenat’ Initiative has been undertaken since 2006 to re-recognize the value of underappreciated Korean classical music and instruments.

Specifically, we fully sponsor seven Korean classical chamber orchestras to foster and support Korean traditional musicians and to help local communities increase their influence on Korean traditional music. Whoo’s ‘Admiration for Haegeum’ concerts were held in Seoul and Busan to ignite the interest of local residents aged between 30’s and 50’s in Korean classical music and to promote our traditional culture.

Cultural Heritage Keeper Project by The History of Whoo

LG H&H contributes to conserving traditional Korean culture and exploring its value by sponsoring the Cultural Heritage Keeper Project by The History of Whoo. In 2016, we provided financial support for the maintenance
of Tongmyeongjeon in Changgyeonggung Palace and various events.
By conducting the Royal Culture Campaign designed to share the value of royal women culture, we also supported the culture sharing program,
including the media art exhibition “Queen, Walking along the Four Seasons,” the Court Women Culture Exhibition, the photo exhibition
“Four Seasons of Queen” and the special concert of Haegeum-a traditional musical instrument. Furthermore, under the agreement with the Cultural Heritage Administration for the Cultural Heritage Keeper Project, we have sponsored people or organizations holding intangible cultural heritage with our cosmetic products to appreciate their efforts to inherit traditional culture and cultural heritage.

HIMANGO Aid Program

In 2011, we commenced the THEFACESHOP HIMANGO Aid Program in cooperation with HIMANGO, a nonprofit organization, to help local residents in Southern Sudan in Africa, who are suffering from food shortage in a barren land. We provided local residents with mango tree seedlings free of charge, with which they can secure food and a new source of income. We also assisted the foundation of HIMANGO Village,
an education center that offers vocational training for adults and academic education for children. At HIMANGO Village, about 130 residents are taking education courses, including carpentry and construction, English, and sewing. To support continued education for the graduates of the HIMANGO Kindergarten, we established the HIMANGO Elementary School in 2015, and 240 students were provided with opportunities for education in 2016. Furthermore, we put HIMANGO coin banks at the THEFACESHOP stores across the country to use the donations from customers and part of the sales profits as the fund for this program. We raised over KRW 1.2 billion in funds by utilizing HIMANGO coin banks.

‘Coca Cola Children Green Leadership’ Program for Environment

Starting in 2011 in cooperation with the Korea Green Foundation, the Coca-Cola Kids Green Leadership Course is an environmental educational program for children, where kids participate in field trips to a wetland
and ecosystem experience. In 2016, the program was conducted four times in the Waterside Ecology Park in Godeok, the Jeoeosae (Spoonbill) Island in Songdo, a mud flat in Seocheon, and the Suncheon Bay, nurturing about 160 Green Leaders. We selected eight Best Green Leaders based on the participation rate and the expert evaluation of their environment conservation essays, and provided them with an opportunity to visit the Mai Po Wetlands in Hong Kong.